Monday, July 19, 2010

Queer Canon Call for Submissions

From our friends at GenderBloc:

Hello everyone! The Queer Canon deadline for submissions is Friday, Sept. 3!

GenderBloc, the University of Cincinnati’s radical queer group that focuses on transgender activism, is placing a call for submissions for its quarterly zine. Submissions can be submitted by anyone, not just UC students. Please send to Past issues ofThe Queer Canon are available here. Please pass this information along!

The Queer Canon submission guidelines:

Word Limit:

§ Maximum word limit is between 1500-2000 words.

§ There is no minimum word limit.

Examples of written work:

-Short stories
-Poetry and prose
-Academic and theoretical work

Artwork and Images:

Acceptable Formats:

§ JPEG file

§ GIF file

(Color work may be submitted, but will be printed in black and white.)

Maximum file size:

§ Under 10MB

Examples of images:

-Drawings and sketches
-Comics and caricature’s
-Digital work
-Graphics, charts and graphs

Editing Process

There is a simple reviewing process of works submitted. No works are out-right rejected. If a work is not accepted for a particular issue it will be returned to the author for revision. The author may then, if they choose, submit the work again.

We try hard to preserve the original layout and fonts of each work submitted; butsometimes small edits are made when we are creating the final layout for the zine. If there is special instruction for you piece, please include it in the submission email.


Pieces can be submitted under a name, assumed name/pen name, or anonymously. Non-original work (work created by someone other than the person submitting it) may be submitted only if it is accompanied by the proper citations. Non-original, un-cited works will not be printed.

Jamie Royce

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