Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Short but Busy Week

I wanted to tell you a little about this shortened week because I think it highlights some of the things we've got cooking for the RAPP XXVI year! Along with our usual outreach to incoming students at the Bearcat Bound Orientation, there are three interesting things on the calendar:

  • Thursday morning I'll be attending an orientation session for Potential Partner Organizations with Public Allies Cincinnati. This means RAPP has been selected as a potential partner organization! We'll be continuing to work through August to try to find a match to work with us in the 2010-2011 school year. If we find a match, we'll employ a Public Ally to work with RAPP XXVI and RAPPORT 10-11. We'll also be connected with the many amazing organizations in the Public Allies Cincinnati network.
  • Thursday evening I'll be back out with the Upward Bound students at the College of Mt. St. Joseph. This, to me, represents our increasing outreach to the Cincinnati community. One of the great benefits we'll get if we're able to have a Public Ally is increased staff time to do outreach. I'd love for us to continue the work we've started with other colleges and university (Cincinnati State, Thomas Moore, now Mt. St. Joe's) and community organizations (Leadership Scholars). If you would like free outreach workshops for your program or organization, contact me any time at lehmanrl@uc.edu.
  • Saturday afternoon I'll be in Columbus for an Ohio chapter meeting of the National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME). I joined NAME this year to get connected with the great resources and people involved in the field. Increased participation within NAME is a goal for me this year.

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