Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Resource Spotlight: Good Hair

You can tell we're in the somewhat slower days of summer when I blog about resources we have available in the RAPP Resource Library.
I've gotten a few more resources with the remaining funds we had at the end of last fiscal year. While most monies went to buying supplies for RAPP XXVI, I made sure to get a few goodies for our use.
One of the more debated purchases was a copy of Chris Rock's comedic documentary Good Hair. Several people recomended it as a piece that explores issues of racism, sexism, and classism in an approachable way. Others labasted it for not delving deep enough into the issues or for making light of a serious issue.
Given the mixed reactions and how people have described their thoughts on the film, I purchased Good Hair as a conversation starter. I've really enjoyed the conversations people have deconstructing the pros and cons of the film and while they like/hate it.
As with all of the resource library, this film is available to borrow.

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