Friday, July 9, 2010

RAPPORT Certificate Naming Contest Update

So far, we've received several great suggestions for what to call our RAPP Certified Social Justice Peer Educator program on a day-to-day basis. There are still 10 days to submit an idea!
You can learn more about the contest here and here.

Submission #1: "Social Justice League"
This evokes a superhero nature, like the Justice League superheroes. Our peer educators are becoing super heroes, bringing positive change to the world not through flying or laser shooting hands or whatever, but through their skills in crosscultural communication and social justice education.

Submissions #s 2-4: One person submitted these three ideas - RAPP Social Justice Mentor; RAPP Just Community Counselor; RAPP Social Equality Educator

Submission #5: "ATM = Aware Thinking Maker"
In the submitters words:
"I think RAPP people do have the knowledge to talk to others to give path and not impose any big theory. At the end, RAPP educators offer ideas and then people are free to use it or not.
"In other words, RAPP educators do not provide with the big truth but help others to think with awareness. Not saying it is bad or good, just being more aware. And finally, we decide how to act. Therefore, RAPP educators help other to make a thinking full of awareness.
"And the double sense with ATM is pretty easy. ATM gives you something very valuable in our society, money. Once you have this money, you will use it when you have an opportunity. One thing is sure, you are always free to use it in your way. RAPP educators provides with ideas, paths, disturbing thinking... and let all of these in our hands. At the end, when we leave and go back to our day to day life, we will be free to use it or not. To use this very valuable thing for human being ; social justice."

Keep your great submissions coming! I think we have a tough decision ahead!

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