Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Upward Bound on our Home Turf

Yesterday I enjoyed another great time with high school students. The Upward Bound Program here at UC invited us to present about RAPP to the students in their program.
It was great to see several RAPPers working with the UB students - Brenna (XXII), Jazz (XXV), and Leanece (XXV). They helped immensely in explaining the RAPP 9-month program.
After a quick intro about RAPP and Student Activities and Leadership Development, the students explored their ideas, values, and experiences of race and racsim. They did a good job challenging each other and many worked through the challenge of trying to see an idea from another point of view.
I really enjoyed the afternoon with this energetic and clever bunch!

If you're interested in workshops and/or exploratory activities for your group or program, contact me any time at lehmanrl@uc.edu!

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