Monday, August 2, 2010

Interviews and Workshops

Despite the expected calm of summer, life's been pretty busy around the RAPP office these days. Here's why:

Inter views!
In the past two weeks, I've been conducting both regular RAPP interviews for spots in RAPP XXVI as well as interviews of nine Public Allies finalists who are seeking a position here with RAPP for the 2010-2011 Public Ally class.

Both kinds of interviews have been great! We should know by early next week (if not sooner) who our Public Ally will be for the year. All of the candidates were great, providing thoughtful responses to an assigned reading as well as insightful reflections on the interview questions. I am confident all of them will be great wherever they end up!

Not actually the leading of them this time, but preparation for them. We'll be doing a workshop with 100 (100!) Leadership Scholars volunteers tomorrow morning. RAPP's just been booked for convocation at the Art Academy of Cincinnati. Plus each evening SALD staff and many a RAPPer are hosting the Commuter Session for incoming new student orientation.

Also keeping me busy is preparation for this year's RAPPORT. Let '10-'11 be called The Year of RAPPORT!

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