Monday, August 9, 2010

RAPP XXVI Facilitation Team!

It's official! We now know the facilitation team for the 2010-2011 schoolyear:

Kinsey Brown
Kinsey will be working with RAPP as our Public Ally apprentice. She was an outstanding Public Ally finalist overall, and her history with RAPP didn't hurt!
Kinsey is a member of RAPP XXIII and was awarded the Terence L Jones Diversity Award for her commitment during that year. She served as a Peer Leader with the Sunday group of RAPP XXIV and was well respected by the group for her breadth of knowledge, great listening skills, and ability to challenge others supportively.

Kimmins Southard
Kimmins will be working with RAPP as an intern through the Women's, Gender, and Sexuality Studies undergraduate program, with which they are seeking a minor. They are in their last year of studying for a bachelor of social work degree. They are also a Peer Educator at the UC Wellness Center and an active leader in GenderBloc.
Kimmins is a member of RAPP XXIII. They have been very active in RAPPORT since then - both as a RAPPORT member and as a Peer Leader with the Wednesday group of RAPP XXV. Kimmins was well respected by the group for their leadership, their ability to connect others with activities and leadership opportunities, and their ability to genuinely listen to others.

RAPP XXVI is bound to have a great year ahead! This team brings much knowledge and experience - and we're all looking forward to building a strong Peer Leader team this year!

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