Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Join the Social Justice League!

Here it is! The way to join the Social Justice League!

This new initiative has been developed for many reasons. First, we hope it provides motivation for RAPP graduates to stay connected and thus reinvigorates the RAPPORT program. Second, we hope it provides a tangible benefit and sense of progress to the many RAPP graduates who do stay connected with the program. Third, we hope it provides a sense of structure and direction that many RAPPORT participants state they miss from the RAPP experience.

Those who pursue the certificate can expect the following outcomes from their experience:

  • Develop knowledge and skills related to peer education and facilitation
  • Continue exploration of social justice issues within the context of experiential learning
  • Frame their RAPP experience in the broader concept of social justice education
  • Explore and critically analyze core concepts of social justice education

Along with the intrinsic benefit of the above knowledge, skills, and experiences, those who complete the program will be given a certificate and can cite their certified status on their resume or CV.

In order to enroll in the certificate program, you must have successfully completed a RAPP year. You also must be a currently enrolled UC student.

Students seeking the RAPP Certified Social Justice Peer Educator have two tracks they can choose between in order to complete the cerficate:

Peer Leader Option: To obtain the certificate, in one year the student must:

  • Fulfill the commitment of a RAPPORT Peer Leader year
  • Participate in the Facilitator & Peer Leader Pre-Service Training
  • Attend at least three RAPPORT facilitation workshops*
  • Lead at least three activities in RAPP sessions throughout the school year
  • Participate in a quarterly one-on-one meeting with the RAPP Program Coordinator

RAPPORT Only Option: To obtain the certificate, in one year the student must:

  • Attend six RAPPORT Meetings (RAPPORT Retreat equals two meetings)
  • Attend five RAPPORT facilitation workshops*
  • Co-plan and co-facilitate at least one outreach workshop OR two RAPPORT sessions OR develop and implement a passive outreach program
  • Participate in at least one promotional activity for RAPP OR conduct at least three RAPP interviews
  • Participate in a quarterly one-on-one meeting with the RAPP Program Coordinator

To get on the path to becoming a RAPP Certified Social Justice Peer Educator, contact Rebecca Lehman at or 513.556.6119 with the following info: Your name, your current phone number, your RAPP year, and your current email address. If you know when you're applying, also state whether you'd like to pursue the Peer Leader Option or the RAPPORT Only Option.

We are currently considering whether to make the RAPPORT Only Option for the certificate open to UC students who have not completed RAPP. If you are interested in the RAPPORT Only Option and haven't completed RAPP, please contact Rebecca to explore the possibility of you entering the program.

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