Monday, August 9, 2010

Peer Leaders - The Search is On!

It's that time of year! It's time for us to reach out to RAPPers in search of the amazing few that will commit to a second year with RAPP serving as a mentor to current members!

In the last few years, Peer Leaders have included such amazing folks as Tad M, Krystal S, DeVorah Y, Kimmins S, Nancy P, Kinsey B, Deanna H, Maika A, Chantal I, and Mia S.

They largely get to identify what they'd like to get out of the process and what they'd like to do in the year, so some Peer Leaders work on developing facilitation skills and others focus on building outside relationships, and others focus on supporting others through challenging points and more.

Peer Leaders commit to attending training in mid-September and attend/help at most of the meetings and retreats for the RAPP group with which they work (at least 3/4 of meetings and 2/3 of retreats). Peer Leaders also meet at least on time per quarter with the program coordinator to check in on how they think things are going and what can be done to make their experience more valuable for them.

If you're a RAPPer who'd like to learn more about becoming a Peer Leader, contact Rebecca at or 513.556.6119. Selections for Peer Leaders will be made the first week of September – so to be considered for this leadership position, you’ll need to let us know about your interest by Wednesday, August 31st.

(pic - Krystal and Tad, PLs for the Tuesday group of RAPP XXV)

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