Friday, February 11, 2011

Procter & Gamble Student Programs - Application Deadlines Extended

From the Career Development Center:

Procter & Gamble Student Programs:


Get an inside look at P&G!
Procter & Gamble is offering the experience of a lifetime. During the months of July & August 2011, P&G will host five different programs at our Global headquarters in Cincinnati, OH. These workshops are designed to give top diverse students the chance to learn about various functions throughout P&G, as well as provide an early opportunity to interview for internship roles in 2012. Additionally, ALL EXPENSES ARE PAID!

To Apply:
Visit    and type in the Job Number for the summer program for which you would like to apply. It’s that easy.

Consumer Strategy Workshop
Job Number: CMK00000720

CSW is a 4-day workshop focused on providing a “hands on” experience in applying consumer and market knowledge to influence business strategy at P&G. You will learn to work as a business team member to impact P&G brands and uncover consumer marketing insights. Participants must demonstrate: academic achievement, success in team environments. Dates: July 28 – July 31, 2011.  (APPLICATION DEADLINE: MAY 13, 2011)

Finance, Accounting, and Tax Seminar (FACT)
Job Number: FIN00002222

FACT is an early reach program designed to expose top undergraduate students to P&G and the types of Finance, Accounting, and Tax intern roles available. You will have the opportunity to speak candidly with Senior Managers about corporate America. We are looking for students who will graduate in 2013 with a BS, BA, or MS in Accounting, Business, Economics, Finance or Taxation. Dates:  August 2-5, 2011.  (APPLICATION DEADLINE:  June 6, 2011)

Marketing MBA Summer Camp
Job Number: MKT00002366

The MBA Marketing Summer Camp is a 6-day, action-packed look at marketing intern opportunities at P&G designed for students entering MBA programs in the fall. You will have the opportunity to preview the key roles you could play in Marketing at P&G after completing your MBA. The interaction you will have with key P&G executives will give you unique preparation for Business School. Summer Camp is also your chance to experience the real-life projects and situations you could be handling upon completion of your MBA. Dates: July 24-29, 2011.  (APPLICATION DEADLINE: JUNE 30, 2011)

Research Your Future in Science Seminar
Job Number: RND00002056

This seminar will show how you can use your Science (Chemistry/Biology/Life Science) or Engineering Technology (MET, Chem Tech, EET) degree after college. You will experience Research & Development at P&G through hands on involvement with emerging technologies and P&G products. There will be a variety of facility tours and career presentations where you can network with P&G Researchers so you can see firsthand how you could fit in as an R&D Researcher at P&G. Dates: August 1-5, 2011. (APPLICATION DEADLINE:  June 30, 2011)

The IT ELITE Seminar
Job Number: IDS00000798

The IT Elite Seminar will provide Emerging Leaders in Information Technology with an incredible experience. Participants will work with current P&G employees and senior managers to develop recommendations on a real Information & Decision Solutions (IDS) project within P&G. Through presentations and a hands-on case study, participants will learn how IDS drives business and creates value at P&G. We are looking for students pursuing a BS or MS in BIS, MIS, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, or Math/Statistics. Dates: July 31 – August 5, 2011.  (APPLICATION DEADLINE: MAY 13, 2011)

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