Monday, February 14, 2011

Stand with Planned Parenthood Rally - Feb 20th

From Cincinnati Advocates:

The rally is Sunday, 2/20 at 3 pm. The location is the Hamilton Planned Parenthood (the Mary Stark Center) at 11 Ludlow Ave, Hamilton OH 45011.

The title of the rally is Stand With Planned Parenthood; we’re basically asking our supporters and partners to come out to the largest Title X health center in Boehner’s district and show their support. We’re protesting the entirety of the unprecedented attack on women’s health (the insurance ban, the heartbeat bill, the fetal pain bill, forcible rape) but focusing on the elimination of the Title X program in the House Continuing Resolution on the Budget.

Title X is the federal family planning program, which subsidizes birth control and STI testing and treatment for low-income women and men. Its elimination will actually add up to a billion dollars a year to the cost of Medicaid, since there will be no preventative program for low-income Americans.

On the 20th, we’ll be showing the region—and the country—just what it is that happens in a family planning center. We’ll talk about our colposcopy program, our well-woman exams, our mammography, our recently cancelled prenatal program, and our nursery—since so many of our clients are mothers. Clearly, House leadership is unaware of these programs—otherwise, how could they possibly want to end them, aside from in spite?

We need you to stand with us to put a stop to these destructive attacks on Ohio’s women.

Luke Brockmeier
Public Affairs Coordinator
Planned Parenthood Southwest Ohio Region

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