Thursday, March 10, 2011

Leadership Scholars Seeking Mentors

Leadership Scholars Mentoring Program

What better way is there to improve your own leadership skills than teaching young leaders how to improve their leadership skills and interacting with numerous other professional leaders throughout Greater Cincinnati?

Leadership Scholars, a leadership development and mentoring program for inner-city youth, is seeking Adult Leaders to work with our High School Scholar Mentees.  The Mentees are currently high school freshmen and sophomores, and they have already undergone two years of leadership training (more than 400 hours).  

As a Mentor, you will play a crucial role in helping the students continue to progress as leaders in high school, graduate from high school, and successfully enroll in college.  Moreover, you will aid the students in honing their goal-setting, communication, and participation skills.  Our Leadership Mentoring Program has a curriculum, but you are also able to plan additional activities with your Mentee.
Requirements of Mentors:

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