Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Recognizing Attendance - We Survived Winter!

Each quarter in RAPP we have four three-hour meetings and an overnight retreat.  On the one hand, it's only five times we come together.  On the other, we're a group of students - meaning we usually have a lot going on and with unexpected issues like personal or family illness or accidents it can be hard to make it to everything.

With that in mind, I like to take time to recognize the many students who overcome these challenges and make it to every meeting and the retreat.  For RAPP XXVI, the following students had perfect attendance in winter quarter 2011:

Adolphe H*
Alexis S*
Alix L*
Allison M*
Andrew B*
Ani N*
Barbie A
Bianca R
Cassie B
Charlene M
Chris L*
Elsa N
Jackie M-K
Joey S*
Kevin W*
Kyle C*
Matt M*
Matthew W*
Melissa D
Mickey W
Mohammad R
Sara K
Siva I*
Tianshu L*
Toni B*
Victoria M

*Have attended all meetings & retreats for the year!

Many thanks to all the RAPPers for their commitment this quarter!

Many thanks also to our Peer Leaders, who are continuing to go above and beyond in their work and attendance!  Great job this quarter Amber E, Brice M, Jojo A, Marjorie B, and Rachel B!

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