Wednesday, March 16, 2011

New Presentation on Islam Available from Interfaith Speakers

New Educational Presentations by Interfaith Speakers in Cincinnati
On Islam and the Rise in Anti-Muslim Sentiments
Call to set up a presentation for your class or staff
In recent times, violence & terrorism has unfortunately become associated with Islam and Muslims. According to a newly released Poll by Gallup, Americans are more than twice as likely to express prejudice against Muslims as they are against Christians, Jews, or Buddhists. Although nearly two-thirds of Americans say they have little or no knowledge of Islam, a majority have an unfavorable opinion of Islam. Such findings underscore the need for education and discussions about Islam and Muslims.

A Newly Created Interfaith Educational Committee
In an effort to reduce the rise in Anti-Muslim sentiments, an interfaith educational effort was initiated in Cincinnati through the co-operative effort of Bridges for a Just Community, The UC Peace Village, Muslim Mothers Against Violence (An initiative of the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati), and The Council on American Islamic Relations. The goal of this Interfaith Educational Committee is to promote mutual respect through on-site presentations on Islam from a Muslim and a non-Muslim perspective.

Our Presentation
Our presentation consists of a quick overview of Muslim traditions and practices, followed by an interactive conversation with the students about common misconceptions about Islam and Muslims and a message of tolerance from a non-Muslim presenter. Educators and administrators will have a better understanding of how to interact with Muslim students or Muslim coworkers in a post 9/11 environment while ensuring an inclusive and safe learning environment for all students where they can fulfill their potential and perform their best.
The interactive presentation increases knowledge of Islam focusing on similarities between faiths to foster respect of students of all backgrounds. The resources and information will help educators promote diversity and teach students about the harmful effects of bias, prejudice, and hate.

How to Book Speakers
We welcome and encourage you to set up an on-site presentation with us for your staff and students by calling Dr. Steve Sunderland at 513-919-2538 or send an email to

Chip Harrod (BRIDGES for a Just Community)
Dr. Steve Sunderland (University of Cincinnati’s Peace Village)
Zeinab Schwen (Council on American Islamic Relations)
Homa Yavar (Muslim Mothers Against Violence)

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