Thursday, March 10, 2011

Snapshots from the Annual Student Leadership Conference

RAPP is an area of the Office of Student Activities and Leadership Development.  As such, we strive to support the office's work and also strive bring concrete leadership development opportunities to RAPP students.

Highlighting this was the great RAPP member participation in the 26th Annual Student Leadership Conference.  Here are some snapshots from the day!

Rachel (XXVI) enjoyed a break from sessions over lunch!

Tiara (XXVI), Anum (XXV), and Ani (XXVI) talked with a friend over lunch!
Kristin, Zina, and Dy'Mand - all XXV - caught up over lunch!
Siva (XXVI), Akilah (XXVI), and Brice (XXV) kept up high spirits through the conference !
RAPPers chatting at the end of the conference - L-R Ani (XXVI), Siva (XXVI), N'deye (XXVI), Brice (XXV), Tiara (XXV), Kristin (XXV), and Rebecca (XXII)
Brice (XXV) co-presented the top ranked session of the day!   Congrats to him for his great work!
More photos of the day can be found in the Facebook album for the event on SALD's Facebook page.

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