Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Snapshots from RAPPORT Winter Community Service

RAPPORT students spent Saturday, May 5th, volunteering with Over the Rhine Community Housing - "a non-profit organization that works to build and sustain a diverse neighborhood that values and benefits low-income residents" in Cincinnati.

Seven volunteers met downtown for a fun morning of cleaning an apartment & basement and getting to know the neighborhood.  Several stuck around for lunch at Findlay Market.  Saturday was a first visit to Over the Rhine for a couple of the volunteers and the neighborhood seem to win them over.

Daniel (XXV) tries to win us over on the cleaner he found in a basement. "The Must for Rust!"

Nicole (XXIV) and Chika (XXIV) hard at work!
Current RAPPer Matt W joined us for the morning of service!
Our group at our first assignment.  L-R Chris, Matt (XXVI), Kinsey (XXIII), Nicole (XXIV), Daniel (XXV), Chika (XXIV), Rebecca (XXII)
Many thanks to our Public Ally Kinsey and Clare at the Center for Community Engagement for organizing our service event!

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