Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Tabling Time Approaches

One of our big pushes for connecting with new potential RAPP members happens in Fall. We attend as many welcome events as we can, we visit classrooms, we hang signs all over campus, and I get a monomania around getting the word out.

Our first event this fall is tomorrow! It's exciting that tabling season is hitting!

Tomorrow morning we'll be at a Resource Fair for UC's resident advisors. The RAs will be learning about many campus resources that can help them individually and help their community. We're one of those resources!

Soon we'll be at the International Student Welcome Coffee Hour. During Welcome Week we'll be at countless welcome events.

Wanna join us at our table? RAPPers are always welcome to come help out!
Wanna meet us in person? Potential RAPPers are always welcome to come hang out!

You can keep up with our schedule through the calendar on the right side of this blog! Hope to see you there!

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