Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Accelerating UC’s Transformation – UC2019 Academic Master Plan

From the UC President Dr. Gregory H. Williams:

Dear UC Community,

This morning at the Board of Trustees meeting, we took an exciting step forward for the University of Cincinnati with the unveiling of our UC2019Academic Master Plan (AMP). The AMP lays out concrete action steps to move our university forward on the goals set forth in our UC2019 strategic plan and our aspirations to be recognized among the world's best universities. It brings with it an initial investment of more than $10 million for student and faculty initiatives as well as services that support our academic mission. Some highlights include:

> Aim for 100% of graduates to have participated in experiential learning.
> Create faculty seed grants for entrepreneurial research.
> Further enhance classrooms for 21st century learning.

As we prepare to accelerate UC's transformation, we extend our thanks to the hundreds of people in our university community who made this plan possible.

Learn more about the AMP by viewing the video above and exploring the links provided below.

> See a general overview of "UC2019 Academic Master Plan" and its first-year action steps: Link
> See the completed "UC2019 Academic Master Plan" and the first-year action steps: Link


Gregory H. Williams, President
Santa J. Ono, Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs and Provost

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