Wednesday, May 9, 2012

RAPP Summer Intensive: Accelerating Racial Justice - Aug 13th-17th!

Accelerating Racial Justice is RAPP's newest intensive, premiering summer 2012!  Developed collaboratively by students and staff from throughout UC, this leadership program is an excellent option for Bearcats interested in social justice but who can't do the year-long commitment RAPP requires.
Please help us spread the word on our newest program out of RAPP!  Applications for Accelerating Racial Justice are due by 5PM on Friday, June 15th!

Program Overview
Through the Office of Student Activities & Leadership Development, RAPP will offer the five-day Accelerating Racial Justice intensive for students to build their awareness, knowledge, and skills related to racial justice and inclusive leadership.

Through full participation in the 5-day program, participants:

  • Develop relationships with 20+ other Bearcats from all over the university
  • Enhance their understanding of racial justice and inclusive leadership
  • Build a personal foundation and a supportive community to continue building racial justice and an inclusive leadership community at UC

Accelerating Racial Justice’s curriculum is based in best practices in the realms of social justice education, intergroup dialogue, and inclusive leadership development.

2012 will be the pilot year for Accelerating Racial Justice.  Participants will have the unique opportunity to shape the program through their participation and feedback throughout the program and after.

After the intensive is completed, participants will be welcomed into the RAPPORT community and will be eligible for the RAPP Social Justice Peer Educator Certificate program.

How to Apply
There are two steps to apply for this life-changing program:

  1. Read the Information for Potential Applicants.  This piece is designed to cover the common questions people may have about Accelerating Racial Justice to help you decide if it's what you're looking for.
  2. Complete a written application.  This application gathers basic information from candidates.  Information on how to access the application is available in the Information for Potential Applicants, which you are expected to read before completing a written application.

Please contact Rebecca Lehman at or 513.556.6119 with any questions you may have.
The inaugural Accelerating Racial Justice intensive will be held at Grailville Retreat Center - just like the first RAPP retreat in 1986!

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