Monday, May 7, 2012

Students Rebuild "One Million Bones" Project

From Students Rebuild:
I’m writing from Students Rebuild, a non-profit organization that provides ways for young people worldwide to connect and take action on critical global issues. We’ve partnered with One Million Bones to offer the opportunity to learn about, and to take a stand against, humanitarian crises by being a part of a participatory art installation by crafting a handmade bone. Each bone will also generate funds (donated by the Bezos Family Foundation) that will go directly to rebuilding lives in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Somalia. 

In Spring of 2013, the project will culminate with the laying of one million handmade bones on the National Mall in Washington, D.C., as a visual petition against mass atrocities and as a symbol of hope and solidarity with the victims and survivors. Students and groups across the world are making bones and gaining an opportunity to discuss not only worldwide humanitarian crises, but also values, ethics and respect in their own communities. From Austria to Japan, India to Morocco, and from all over the United States, young people are discovering the connection they can forge by making something with their hands. The bones may be made out of a material of your choice (such as clay or paper mache) and creativity is encouraged – they may be inscribed with messages of hope, with the individual maker’s name, or in some way made personal.

To learn a little bit more about our project, please do not hesitate to call or email me. In the meantime, to find inspiration and get questions answered, please:

Shadia Savo
Students Rebuild
Phone: 206.275.2048 ext. 120

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