Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Snapshots from WorldFest Week International Festival!

Over the years, I've taken to calling the WorldFest Week International Festival "the start of tabling season" because our table at the event is always a fun time and marks the beginning of many more days at tables.

The weather held out and the staff of UC International put on a great event!  Here are some snapshots from it:

Keshar (XXVII) waving the WorldFest Week flag!
Laura (XXVII) and Nece (XXV) enjoyed delicious food!

Jamieson (XXVII), Marjorie (XXV), and Jojo (XXIV) doing a subtle promo for Sun Drop!

Asuka (XXVII), Jamieson, and Farooq (XXVII) having fun!

Kayla (XXVII) and Shanea (XXVII) show off our new group sign!

Jalisa (XXVII) confirming that the Oreo cookies were a good choice!

Dominique (XXVI) thankfully laughing with Farooq and the gang about the video he was infamously in.!

RAPP XXVI reunion for Kevin & Sarah K!

Jackie (XXVI) took a break from studies for some WorldFest Week fun!

Matthew (XXVI) helped at the RAPP table AND the UC Arabic Club table!

RAPP XXII reunion for Rebecca & Chantal!

Kiki (XXV) stopped by with good news!

Krystal (XXIV) trying her best to hate - good thing she's really full of love!

Busy graduating senior Danielle (XXV) stopped by!

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