Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Apply for Accelerating Racial Justice - Focus Your Leadership Trajectory

As described before, RAPP's intensives help students expand their leadership skills and knowledge as well as provide time for reflection.  Combine that with a growing community, and you've got a great mix that often leads to a profound result:  A newly (or more clearly) defined path of where you want to go.

In RAPP we emphasize a multiplicity of meanings to everything.  While that can be frustrating at times to deal with, it also means that you'll be supported in whichever path you want to take your leadership.  You'll make connections to make your journey more successful (in whichever way you define success - which we'll encourage you to explore!).

So, participating in RAPP's 5-day summer intensive Accelerating Racial Justice will help you with your leadership journey in this way.  It also opens doors to leadership opportunities within RAPP.

By completing the 5-day you are considered a part of the RAPPORT community, just like students who complete RAPP's 9-month.  You can then join the Social Justice League and earn a certificate as a RAPP Social Justice Peer Educator.  You can be a Peer Leader, a Facilitator, an Intern.  You can be on the committees that make major changes to RAPP, like the working group that created the 5-day itself.

So, apply now for Accelerating Racial Justice!  Applications are due this Friday, June 15th, by 5PM.

Rachel Berman (RAPP XXV, XXVI Peer Leader, WGSS Intern, working group) being recognized with the McMicken College of Arts & Sciences Spirit of Community award - just one of a dozen or so awards she's received recognizing her leadership and activism at UC!

Lane Hart (XXV) is the current undergraduate student body president - he often cites RAPP as a pivotal part of his leadership development at UC!

Jamieson Williams (XXVII) & Laura Perez (XXVII) being recognized with the Terence L Jones Diversity Award for their leadership within their respective RAPP groups.  Jamieson was selected to represent campus leaders in the 2012-13 Activus and Laura was recently accepted into a competitive MSW program!

How to ApplyThere are two steps to apply for this life-changing program:
  1. Read the Information for Potential Applicants.  This piece is designed to cover the common questions people may have about Accelerating Racial Justice to help you decide if it's what you're looking for.
  2. Complete a written application.  This application gathers basic information from candidates.  Information on how to access the application is available in the Information for Potential Applicants, which you are expected to read before completing a written application.
Please contact Rebecca Lehman at lehmanrl@uc.edu or 513.556.6119 with any questions you may have.

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