Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Welcome the RAPP 2012-13 Leadership!

This year's selection of the formal RAPP leadership positions was the most difficult process I've been through yet.  We had twenty-three outstanding candidates for an intended ten positions.

Much gratitude is due to the folks who helped made the selections!  A team of staff and students from RAPP, SALD, Resident Education & Development, Academic Excellence & Support Services, and the LGBTQ Center carefully reviewed applications and worked together to make the final decisions.

Without further ado, here are the folks selected for the formal leadership positions:

Accelerating Racial Justice
  • Facilitators:
    • Ani Naik (XXVI, XXVI Social Committee Chair)
    • Jojo Azevedo (XXIV, XXVI Peer Leader, XXVII Facilitator, Social Justice League 2010-12)
  • Peer Leaders:
    • Jalisa Holifield (XXVII)
    • Laura Perez (XXVII)
    • Matt Miller (XXVI, Social Justice League 2011-12)
  • Process Observers:
    • Matthew Woodruff (XXVI, Peer Leader XXVII, Social Justice League 2011-12)
    • Melissa Meyer (Community member, owner Meyer Consulting)
  • RAPP Facilitation Intern:  Brice Mickey (XXV, XXVI Peer Leader, Social Justice League 2010-12)
  • Peer Leaders:
    • Farooq Alkhateeb (XXVII)
    • Krisin Myers-Young (XXV)
    • Tianshu Lu (XXVI)
RAPPORT 2012-13
  • RAPPORT Facilitation Intern: Jamieson Williams (XXVII)
Please extend congratulations and heart-felt wishes for success to these folks as they enter into their new positions!

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  1. UC Racial Awareness Program 2012-13. O verview. The Office of Student Activities & Leadership Development offers the nine-month RAPP intensive. Blayze 513