Friday, December 14, 2012

RAPPORT Retreat and Feedback Reminder

Just a reminder, RAPPORT would love to have your thoughts and feedback on this year in RAPPORT!

Go to this form here and answer the questions anonymously.
Also, the RAPPORT Retreat is coming up 5:15PM Friday, January 11th to 5PM Saturday, January 12th and held on campus.
The retreat will involve RAPPORT sessions, meals and sleeping over. This will allow you to connect with the RAPPORT community, share knowledge, practice skills in social justice. Plus it’ll be a lot of fun!
The retreat is NOW OPEN to everyone in the RAPP/RAPPORT community!
If you’d like to come to the retreat, email Rebecca at or call 513-556-6119 by 5PM on Monday, December 31 with the answers to these questions:
-Whether or not you’re coming
-Your UCID (M-Number)
-The name and phone number of your emergency contact
-What we should know to be able to feed you.
All questions can be sent to Rebecca at the above email address.
Hope to see you there!

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