Friday, December 21, 2012

Recognizing Participation: RAPP XXVIII Stays Strong a Whole Semester!

As the first RAPP group to come together under semesters, RAPP XXVIII had an even larger challenge for attendance in that they had more meetings under the timeline of a semester than a quarter.  Whereas previous groups in recent years had four meetings and one retreat each quarter, this group had six meetings, one retreat, and an orientation in its first semester (they have six meetings, two retreats, and a banquet ahead for spring semester).

With that in mind, there were many chances for "life happens" to make it impossible for a member to make it to a meeting.  Given the time demands The RAPP Commitment makes on already full schedules of students, I think it's important to take time to recognize the folks who were able to uphold it this time around.

Here are the folks currently in RAPP XXVIII who have had perfect attendance all fall semester 2012:

Abbey Falcone
Aditi Naik
Anthony Foster
Bridget Parhman
Gabby Russell
Kahvah Yisrael
Kalilah Montgomery
Leah Baccus
Lindy Zeff
Marq White
Maya Whyte
Monique Walker
Nathaniel Bell
Oge Okoh
Owen Riley
Rebekah Clinger
Sabria Berry
Sarah Seiger
Shawnee Haslon
Thia Jackson

Our Peer Leaders make a lesser time commitment in terms of meetings, but all three have exceeded this commitment (in so many ways beyond the time!).  Many thanks to Farooq Alkhateeb, Kristin Myers-Young, and Tina Lu for their great work!  Our student Facilitator, Brice Mickey, has also well exceeded his expected commitment - countless thanks are due!

Marq, Rachel, Emma, Iman, & Aditi show part of the RAPP XXVIII handsign!

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