Thursday, December 27, 2012

South China Internship Program - Deadline Jan 14th!

From UC International:

South China Internship Program:  Deadline: January 14, 2013
Under a new grant from Ford Foundation, the Hong Kong America Center– a non-profit consortium of Hong Kong universities–is announcing the South China Internship Program (SCI) a national competition for 20 American undergraduates to participate in a low-cost, high-quality "tandem internships". The twenty American undergraduates will team-up with twenty same-age Chinese university students to spend eight weeks together in summer 2013 as interns in companies and NGOs in the booming Pearl River Delta of south China. 
The intern teams will work together in small teams on joint projects for their company hosts. Inspired by the 100,000 Strong Initiative, HKAC is looking for young Americans with strong academics and high motivation to explore their career potential involving China. Some knowledge of Chinese language is preferred. International Offices in American universities are urged to convey this information to eligible undergraduate students. The deadline for applications is January 14, 2013.
Online poster, application form and full program information is at: Prospective applicants may contact Mr. Ray Tran of the HKAC at:

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