Monday, January 7, 2013

Free Webinar on Gender Identity & Expression in the Classroom - Jan 16th!


Gender Identity and Expression in the Classroom: The Experiences of Gender Nonconforming and Transgender Students in School

DATE: Wednesday, January 16th

TIME: 4-5pm ET

This webinar will discuss the role that gender expression plays in the school experiences of LGBT students and the attitudes and experiences of gender nonconforming and transgender students in school. Highlighting findings from several GLSEN research surveys, we will examine gender nonconformity issues for younger students in elementary school and discuss the prevalence of a hostile school climate for gender nonconforming and transgender youth in secondary school. 

We will also discuss educators' attitudes, efforts, and responses regarding gender nonconformity and transgender student issues. Finally, we will highlight critical resources for students and strategies for educators and advocates to create safer and more affirming schools.

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