Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Submit Your Ideas for Innov8 UC - Feb 1st through Mar 13th!

My name is Priya Chawla and I am the Vice President of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM@UC) at the University of Cincinnati. The ACM@UC wishes to bring together members of the community and nation in order to share ideas and encourage continued innovation in all aspects of life. Our mission is to improve campus life through crowd sourced ideas and collaborative efforts. Thus, the Association for Computing Machinery and the University of Cincinnati Student Government will conduct a competition of ideas proposed by UC students: Innov8 UC. The ideas’ are aimed to improve all interactions between entities of the university and its students - the UC campus life.
Ideas can range anywhere from UC technical issues to UC resident hall problems.  Each idea will be judged on the following values:
Values -- The criteria which innovative ideas will be judged; characteristics we promote.
  • Creativity - The unconventional element to the idea
  • Feasibility - Unconventional is great, but is the idea possible and plausible?
  • Impact - What is the range of the change? Who does it effect and how?
  • Delivery - The pitch. A curve, a knuckle, or a two seam heater?
  • X Factor - The ability to change to an adapting environment; are both the idea and the presenter sustainable?
In order to find the perfect solution Innov8 UC will be broken down into the following four competition rounds:
Round ONE"Online Idea Submission": February 1st, 2013-March 13th, 2013
APRIL 7th:
Round TWO“The Elevator Pitch”
Round THREE“Closed Judges Panel”
Round FOUR“The Final Round”
The top 4 ideas will be taken to the next level and will be implemented in improving our University's campus. Thus, we are asking for your help to find the BEST and most INNOV8ive idea on the University of Cincinnati's campus to make it a better and more innov8ive place to be. 
Thank you,
Priya Chawla
Vice President, Association for Computing Machinery @ UC
University of Cincinnati | Computer Science

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