Monday, April 8, 2013

Enhance your Leadership through Inclusive Leadership - Apply for Accelerating Racial Justice

Reposted from June 2012:

RAPP is a programming area within the UC Office of Student Activities & Leadership Development.  The name describes exactly what we do:  Facilitate student activities and support students in developing as a leader.  Knowing our home, it's hopefully no surprise to you that leadership development is part of our student activity.  Being an SALD program is only one of many reasons why we emphasize leadership development.

There are as many philosophies to leadership as there are leaders.  The approach we emphasize in RAPP falls under the philosophy of inclusive leadership.  There are several definitions to this, but for today we'll summarize it as a practice that involves intentional focus on creating inclusion in all work for enhanced outcomes.

The new Accelerating Racial Justice 5-day summer intensive has two key foci:  Racial justice and inclusive leadership.  By participating in this program, you'll get to work intently on your knowledge and skills around these two and enhance your own leadership by learning how to integrate inclusive leadership skills and practices into your work.

As SALD says, leaders are made, not born.  Apply to Accelerating Racial Justice today to help make yourself as an inclusive leader!

The RAPP 2011-12 leadership team focused on continually developing our inclusive leadership skills.
Left to Right: Marjorie, Tyler, DeVorah, Rachel, Matthew, Wil, Mieshia, and Jojo.

How to ApplyThere are two steps to apply for this life-changing program:
  1. Read the Information for Potential Applicants.  This piece is designed to cover the common questions people may have about Accelerating Racial Justice to help you decide if it's what you're looking for.
  2. Complete a written application.  This application gathers basic information from candidates.  Information on how to access the application is available in the Information for Potential Applicants, which you are expected to read before completing a written application.
Please contact Rebecca Lehman at or 513.556.6119 with any questions you may have.

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