Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Snapshots from the RAPPORT Year-End Celebration

Last week we celebrated the 2012-13 academic year of RAPPORT - a year of learning, growing, leadership, and fun!  Here are some snapshots of the evening.

The more-than-two-dozen participants enjoyed a dinner from Deep India.
While filling our stomachs, we shared fun memories from the many RAPPORT activities throughout the year.  Then we wrote how we'll each apply something we learned from our interactions in RAPP/ORT this year.

Alexis plans to join RAPP XXIX!

Allison has several takeaways: paying attention to context & semantics, looking for opportunities to better the world, and appreciating good friends!

Vicky will always meet people with an open heart and an open mind!
We ended with recognizing each Bearcat who had earned a RAPP Social Justice Peer Educator Certificate - they shared what the process had meant to them and then participants all shared reflections on the positive impact the person had had on them and/or the group process.

Laura receives her RAPP Social Justice Peer Educator Certificate!
Sharing memories generated lots of laughs, some tears, and a celebration of continual learning!
The evening was facilitated and emceed by Jojo!

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