Friday, April 5, 2013

Learn About Yourself by Learning About Others - Apply for Accelerating Racial Justice - Learn About Yourself by Learning About Others

Reposted from June 2012:

I took English class all through school.  We learned to diagram sentences.  We learned contractions and spelling.  We learned homonyms (including the famous your-you're and there-their-they're that befuddle many).  Given that I spoke, wrote, heard, read, and dreamt in English, I thought I understood it as best as anyone could.

Then I started learning another language.

An experience I had that I've heard many other later-in-life-second-language-learners also share is that my understanding of my own language was exponentially expanded as I learned other languages.  The differences between the two brought out deep nuances in meaning, exposed cultural assumptions, revealed understanding of time, and so many other aspects of understanding the world that my appreciation of my first language was deeply enriched.

Working in multicultural and social justice education, I find people often experience a similar process when learning about social identity.

White folks lamenting not having a culture often experience a profound shift in understanding when they spend time working on race.  Straight folks wondering "where'sour pride month?" often have a transformed understanding after spending time working on sexuality and sexual orientation.  And it goes on and on.

Whatever your identities are, spending a week immersed in Accelerating Racial Justice will help you learn about yourself.  

Sure, you'll learn about others and you'll build knowledge and skills.  But, don't be afraid to sign up just for the "selfish" reason of simply getting to know yourself and what you hope to do better.

Apply now for Accelerating Racial Justice!  Applications due by 5PM on Friday, June 15th.
RAPP XXVII Peer Leader and XXIV alumna Mieshia Barnes thinking things through at at RAPP retreat at Grailville (where Accelerating Racial Justice will be held).
How to Apply There are two steps to apply for this life-changing program:
  1. Read the Information for Potential Applicants.  This piece is designed to cover the common questions people may have about Accelerating Racial Justice to help you decide if it's what you're looking for.
  2. Complete a written application.  This application gathers basic information from candidates.  Information on how to access the application is available in the Information for Potential Applicants, which you are expected to read before completing a written application.
Please contact Rebecca Lehman at or 513.556.6119 with any questions you may have.

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