Thursday, April 25, 2013

Snapshots from the RAPP XXVIII Banquet

Last week, we celebrated the members of RAPP XXVIII for their challenging and successful year together.  Here are some shots from the evening.  Head over to Rebecca's Facebook to see the full album.

RAPP celebrations involve a lot of fun!
We had a delicious dinner together in Mick & Mack's Cafe.  We were grateful to be joined by many campus dignitaries:
  • Debra Merchant, Interim Vice President of Student Affairs & Services
  • Dr. Bleuzette Marshall, Interim Chief Diversity Officer and RAPP VI alumna
  • Dr. Robin Martin, Associate Vice Provost of Diversity & Inclusion
  • Frank Bowen, Dean of Students
  • Daniel Cummins, Assistant Dean of Students, Director of University Judicial Affairs, and RAPP VIII facilitator
  • Dr. Nicole Mayo, Director of Student Activities & Leadership Development (SALD)
  • Dr. Nicole Ausmer, Assistant Director of SALD
  • Leah Howell, Program Manager of Fraternity & Sorority Life in SALD
  • Dr. Terri Hurdle, Program Coordinator of Student Activities Board and Emerging Ethnic Leaders (SALD)
  • Dr. Susie Mahoney, Program Coordinator of Club Sports (SALD)
  • Portia Watkins, Program Coordinator of University Funding Board and Student Safety Board (SALD)

Dinner with dignitaries!
L to R: Kristin, Debra Merchant, Sabria, Meg, Dr. Susie Mahoney, Leah
Dinner with dignitaries!
L to R: Maya, Leah Howell, Lindy, Oge, Dean Bowen, Nathaniel
Dinner with dignitaries!
L to R: Tianshu, Dioncia, Dr. Hurdle, Shawnee
Our Peer Leaders Farooq, Kristin, and Tianshu kicked off the program with leadership reflections on the year.  This was followed by remarks from the RAPP XXVIII members recognized with the Terence L Jones Diversity Award, Kalilah and Nate.

We then recognized people with near-perfect and perfect attendance with special certificates of appreciation:

Thanks for ALWAYS being there!
L to R: Abbey, Anthony, Bridget, Kahvah, Maya, Rebekah, Sabria, and Shawnee
We then thanked our dignitaries for their generosity with their time spending dinner with us and moved into the private-to-the-group portion of the evening: RAPPmate presentations!

Many thanks to RAPP XXVIII for a celebration that was as meaningful AND fun as the whole year together!

Anthony & Nathia smile post-celebration.

Iman & Kahvah smile post-celebration.

Post-celebration "men of RAPP XXVIII" photo!
L to R: Oge, Nathaniel, Anthony, Marquez, Farooq, and Brice
Sarah reminded us that RAPP forever impacts your perspective! :)

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