Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Lessons Learned: Checking In

Checking in with each other when we need it during meetings can have great value and positively impact our confidence moving forward. During meetings it is possible for us as participants or facilitators to be triggered or otherwise hindered. Oftentimes when I hit these roadblocks during a meeting, the first thing want to do is react negatively. One of the best strategies I have learned to avoid this kind of reaction is to check-in with my peers.
In RAPP, this usually involves me spending some time going over issue with our Program Coordinator, Rebecca Lehman, or my fellow facilitator, Jamieson Williams. It is amazing how venting for a few minutes with a colleague can really change your mindset and allow you to move forward constructively. Sometimes after venting, I am presented with advice or constructive criticism. Sometimes I am presented with nothing but an open ear. Regardless, I find these moments to be invaluable, both for my in-the-moment reactions and my confidence moving forward.

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