Wednesday, April 30, 2014

RAPP Leaders Go On To Be... Social Workers!

A couple of years back, we made a couple videos called "RAPPers Go On To Be..." to highlight how involvement in RAPP makes sense for all Bearcats regardless what career you might be headed toward.

In reflecting on encouraging people to apply for formal leadership positions in RAPP, we thought it could be similarly useful to highlight how people have contributed to RAPP and gone on to apply the knowledge they learned in a variety of impactful professions.

Kurt speaks at the RAPP XXVI Wednesday Banquet.
Kurt Southard (RAPP XXIII) was a Peer Leader with RAPP XXV and Facilitator with RAPP XXVI. After graduating top of their class in 2011, they served with AmeriCorps in the National AIDS Fund Team Chicago and The Night Ministry. Kurt currently applies their social work expertise at the Chicago Women's AIDS Project.

Laura (left) and her high-five buddy Naila at ARJ 2012.
Laura Perez (RAPP XXVII) was a Peer Leader with Accelerating Racial Justice 2012, after also helping create the program as a member of the RAPP Working Group. Laura just graduated with a Masters of Social Work from the UC School of Social Work and passed the Ohio State Board licensing exam. She is applying her social work expertise at the Talbert House in Brown County.

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