Wednesday, April 30, 2014

RAPP Leaders Go On To Be... Neurophysiologists!

A couple of years back, we made a couple videos called "RAPPers Go On To Be..." to highlight how involvement in RAPP makes sense for all Bearcats regardless what career you might be headed toward.

In reflecting on encouraging people to apply for formal leadership positions in RAPP, we thought it could be similarly useful to highlight how people have contributed to RAPP and gone on to apply the knowledge they learned in a variety of impactful professions.

Tyler (center) received the 2013 Leadership Award from the UC LGBTQ Center.
Tyler Thompson (RAPP XXV) was a Peer Leader with RAPP XXVII. Tyler graduated a year ago with degrees in Neuroscience and Psychology.  He is currently a Neurophysiologist at Nielsen NeuroFocus.

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