Wednesday, April 30, 2014

RAPP Leaders Go On To Be... Lawyers!

A couple of years back, we made a couple videos called "RAPPers Go On To Be..." to highlight how involvement in RAPP makes sense for all Bearcats regardless what career you might be headed toward.

In reflecting on encouraging people to apply for formal leadership positions in RAPP, we thought it could be similarly useful to highlight how people have contributed to RAPP and gone on to apply the knowledge they learned in a variety of impactful professions.

Several people who held leadership roles in RAPP have gone on toward a career in law!

Steve's self-submitted picture for the RAPP XXIV roster.
Steve Succop was a facilitator with RAPPs XXII, XXIII, and XXIV.  He co-authored the current curriculum for the 9-month intensive.

Steve is currently a law student at CUNY Law School, the country's premier public interest law school. He is a legal intern at Main Street Legal Services in New York, which provides direct services related to citizenship, domestic violence, immigration, and legal services.

Sarvani waved hello to the camera at the RAPP XXV Tuesday fall retreat.
Sarvani Prasad wrote the grant proposal the reshaped RAPP's structure in 2008 as a graduate assistant. She also was a facilitator with RAPPs XXIV and XXV as well as co-authored the current curriculum for the 9-month intensive.

Sarvani is an alumna of UC College of Law where she earned both a JD and an MA in Women's Studies. She is currently a Legal Research Assistant with the Kettering Foundation and previously worked at Legal Aid of Western Ohio and Advocates for Basic Legal Equity.

Rachel showed her favorite pose at the RAPP XXVII Wednesday Winter Retreat
Rachel Berman (RAPP XXV) was a Peer Leader for RAPP XXVI and Facilitator for RAPP XXVII. She also served on the Working Group that created Accelerating Racial Justice.

Rachel is currently a student at Emory University School of Law.  She currently doing an externship with the Fulton County Public Defender and previously was an intern at Georgia Capital Defender.

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