Thursday, October 29, 2009

Announcing Our Recruitment Contest Winners!

Over the summer I announced a recruitment contest as a way to recognize and reward the work our amazing RAPPORT and RAPP folk do promoting RAPP to the campus. I feel I'm late in announcing these results, but I'm still excited to announce them nonetheless!

Two awards were offered: One for most referrals, another a random draw where people got their name entered for each person they referred.

For most referrals, we're recognizing Christie of RAPP XXIII! Christie not only is a general advocate of RAPP and active member of RAPPORT - constantly spreading the word about our group to people in many groups she's a part of - but this year she also presented about her experience in RAPP to students participating in the University Honors Program Retreat. Together with Erin of RAPP XXIV, she presented about RAPP and distributed specially-prepared introductions and applications. Thanks for your continued support of RAPP, Christie!

Our random draw winner was Eddie of RAPP XXIII! Eddie had great odds in the drawing because he was tied for second in terms of overall referrals. Eddie has been a very active member of RAPPORT and a huge promoter of RAPP. Not only does he talk with friends and student group peers about RAPP, but he let me put him on the spot at several student welcomes to talk about RAPP. He represented us amazingly each time! Eddie also was a great help during the interview process - regularly stepping in and helping conduct interviews of our RAPP XXV candidates. Thanks for being such an involved and active RAPPORT member, Eddie!


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