Monday, October 19, 2009

First Year Summit Success

Friday's 7th Ohio First Year Summit was an enjoyable time for me. I got to connect briefly at lunch with Kim McGinnis (RAPP VIII member RAPP coordinator and other assorted leadership for a decade in RAPP's teens). I got to learn a lot about how to best serve an important segment of our Bearcats. I got to learn about a variety of resources available to students and staff (I really enjoyed talking with the representative from the Association of Non-Traditional Students in Higher Education).
The RAPP presentation was focused on creating a dialogue and I enjoyed the conversation I had with those who attended. It was a great group with many strong ideas and even better questions.
What do you think about this question:
How would one successfully translate a program like RAPP into an on-line course environment?

Not many pictures taken; none that came out at least. :(

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