Thursday, October 15, 2009

Our Second First also Smashing Fun

I - the person usually irritating folks with my camera - forgot to take pictures of our first meeting of RAPP XXV Wednesday.

Though there's no photographic evidence, I can attest that our group filled the room both with their bodies and with their good conversation. I'm very excited about the entire RAPP XXV now that both have come together.

Next up on the RAPP calendar? Two things on Friday:

1. I'll be presenting "Self Awareness & Social Justice" at the 7th Ohio First Year Summit. This interactive workshop will explore the impact of RAPP on first year students and the tools in which we use to encourage increased self awareness, increased sense of connection to campus, and increased awareness and agency around social justice issues. Many thanks to the many students who provided feedback for the presentation!

2. Another Film Friday! As I'll be at the Summit, Un Kyong of Diversity Education will be hosting this week's Film Friday. Our choices will be from the selections of this year's Latino Film Fest. Film starts at 1PM on the 6th floor of Steger Student Life Center!

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