Monday, October 26, 2009

Bearcatastic Weekend!`

We had a busy weekend around these parts! Homecoming and BRIDGES Walk were both Saturday. Friday we participated in the Homecoming 5K and many attended the Good Asian Drivers show (sponsored by Diversity Education, GenderBloc, and the Women's Center, among others).

Rather than post a million photos, I threw them into a Bearcat Spirited video.

Pictured in the video:
Homecoming 5K:
SALD staff; Emma (XXIII); Adam (XXV); Kate (XXIII)

Good Asian Drivers:
Jamie (friend of RAPP); Emma (XXIII); Jojo (XXIV); Anthony (XXV)

Courtney F (XXV); Coya (XXIV); Eddie (XXIII); Jojo (XXIV); Brice (XXV); Ashley (XXII); Dr. Livingston (friend); Chika (XXIV); Queenie (XXIV); Bethel (XXV); Patrice (XXIII); Brittany (XXIII); Mieshia (XXIV); Martha (XXV); Nloh (XXIV); Jessica (XXIV)

Homecoming Parade:
Dan (former facilitator); Women's Center, RED, and SALD staff & students; Tad (XXIV); Latoya (XXIV); Lisa (XXIV)


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