Monday, October 12, 2009

Much is Owed Our Interviewers

Interviews this year's RAPP group were conducted from July through this week. Considering we had over 70 people complete interviews, it was a lot of time talking with folks! We never could've gotten through so many interviews and had such a quality of conversations if it weren't for the many RAPPORT members and a RAPP friend who helped out conducting interviews and providing feedback on the candidates.

A great big thank you to the following folk who pitched in on interviews:

Jojo Brannon (RAPP XXIV)
Eddie Cancel (RAPP XXIII)
Nicole Cassini (RAPP XXIV)
Gabby Givens (RAPP XXIV)
Tad Miller (RAPP XXIV)
Jen Rush (Diversity Education GA)
Krystal Smith (RAPP XXIV)
Brenna Travis (RAPP XXII)

An extra big thanks to Jen (pictured above), who isn't even a RAPPer but stepped in as the Diversity Education GA and co-conducted the most interviews of our dedicated group!


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