Monday, December 7, 2009

Get to Know RAPP XXV

Now that we have the group in place in terms of those who committed to RAPP XXV, I'm finally getting together some basic info about this year's batch of RAPPers. In particular, I'm looking at academic diversity. I find it pretty interesting, though I definitely understand others may not. :) Still, here it is:
RAPP XXV has 68 members who've committed to the program. These members represent ten colleges in our University. You can see the break-down by college below.
(A&S=College of Arts & Sciences; CoB=College of Business; CECH=College of Education, Criminal Justice, and Human Resources; DAAP=College of Design, Art, Architecture, and Planning; CAHS=College of Allied Health Sciences; CCM=College Conservatory of Music; CoN=College of Nursing; CAS=College of Applied Sciences; Clermont= Clermont College; ENGR=College of Engineering)

Though much of our more visible promotion happens at events targetting incoming first-year students, our group represents a range of academic years. Not shown in this graph is our increase in non-traditional students; it simply shows where people are academically.
(Not included are 1 pre-Junior, 1 transfer student, and 1 who didn't give their year in school).
Our members represent 44 different majors. The most common are Psychology (6), Communications (4), Criminal Justice (4), Finance (4), and Journalism (4). Five members declared they're pre-med.
This year's group's academic diversity unsurprisingly surpasses last year's - we've got 68 members compared to ~48. Last year's group was considered quite academically diverse, though: they represented 29 majors in 8 colleges (plus CAT) and had a similar spread of academic years.
By looking at this data starting last year we were able to debunk the myth we knew was a myth: "RAPP is only for liberal arts folk." As this info shows, RAPP is popular across a wide variety of academic and career interests. As we learn more about who has been in RAPP over the last almost-25 years, I think we'll find this has held true from the beginning.

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