Thursday, December 10, 2009

RAPP Potluck - Yummy Snacks, Fun Games

Many thanks to the folks who came out to last night's RAPP Potluck. We took time to break from the stress of exams and - for a lucky few - celebrate the completion of the quarter.

The snacks were delicious (especially Amber's brownies!) and the company was good fun.

Eddie (XXIII) and Nicole (XXIV) enjoying Amber's delicious baked goods.

Kenzie (XXV) gives the night a thumbs up - and Jojo (XXIV) has his eyes closed in the photo as always! :)

Mia (XXII) brought along her visiting friend to meet us fun RAPP folk! Amber (XXV) relaxes in the background.

Brice (XXV) and his friend James look on as Jojo keeps the eyes-closed tradition going!

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