Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Try This Along with RAPPers!

As RAPPers know, our members are often asked to write in their journals between sessions. Winter break gave them a month between sessions, so we're working on a somewhat longer piece.
Give it a go if you've got some time!
We’ve explored several ways in which oppression might be perpetuated throughout fall quarter. We ask that you reflect on a few in particular over winter break.
In particular, reflect on the last three dimensions we’ve explored:
1. That oppression might operate on individual, institutional, and social/cultural levels;
2. That oppression might be perpetuated through conscious and unconscious ways;
3. That oppression might be perpetuated through attitudes/beliefs and behaviors.
Over the break, create a visual aid, summary, or other means of conveying how these may (or may not) be connected.

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