Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Goodbye to Another RAPP Leader

This January, Student Activities and Leadership Development will be saying goodbye to another person who's been key to RAPP's success.
Un Kyong Ho began working with RAPP as a Diversity Education graduate assistant with RAPP XXI. She was a busy and involved GA despite the demanding academic program she was in - the joint JD and MA in Women's Studies program. She facilitated her first year with Matt McCaren (group pictured below).
Un led the facilitation team from there out. She facilitated with Steve Succop for RAPP XXII - fully planning the curriculum and leading all sessions. This year she had another challenge along with her studies - bringing into the world a "RAPP baby." She managed to balance her duties as a parent, student, and worker with amazing success.
Un took the position as Program Coordinator of Diversity Education and fully coordinated RAPP XXIII, working with the facilitators Steve Succop and Rebecca Lehman. She also took Worldfest to a whole new level that year by pushing into social justice exploration with "Worldfest Goes Green!" She also advised students from previous RAPPs in their efforts to bring back RAPPORT.
During this year, Un also coordinated the successful push for University re-investment in RAPP. She supervised the writing of a proposal for Diversity Council support of RAPP - and garnered us the funds that has paid for a full-time RAPP program coordinator.
In the last and this years' RAPPs, Un has remained strongly connected in an advisorial role and continued offering training to our campus and community as well as co-coordinating RAPPORT and continuing to offer thought-provoking programming.
On top of all of that, Un has continued being an amazing parent, an active community advocate on several political issues/campaigns, and continued her studies.
Un will be greatly missed in SALD and RAPP! She's pictured above with her "traditional" SALD parting gift - an inscribed crystal canister.

Please join us in our goodbye party on Un's last day:
Monday, January 4th
6th Floor Open Space
Steger Student Life Center

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