Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New "What's @ UC?" at Stratford Heights

On Monday we "premiered" a revised version of our "What's @ UC?" game in a program sponsored by Lisa W, resident advisor for the Gen-1 House and RAPP XXIV member.
The revamped game included:
  • Statistics on reported race and gender updated for the 2009-2010 schoolyear.
  • New questions on sexuality and disability resources at UC.
  • A new section on religions and religious resources at UC.

I really enjoyed playing the game with the group who faired the snowy weather. I particularly enjoyed our conversation afterwards about the experience playing the game, how it related to our daily lives, and the questions and ideas folks were taking away from it. Thanks for the great times, gang!

(pic: Some of the participants - look how exciting the game can be!)

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