Wednesday, February 10, 2010

RAPP XXV Winter Retreats

Here are some pictures from the RAPP XXV winter retreats held Friday-Sunday. For those wondering why I use the plural, we have two retreats: The RAPP XXV group that usually meets on Tuesdays went Friday-Saturday and the RAPP XXV group that usually meets on Wednesdays went Saturday-Sunday.What I consider to be one of RAPP's strengths: one-on-one conversations. Mahsino & Adam of RAPP XXV Tuesday.

RAPP XXV Tuesday working in small groups.

RAPPers putting the group's thoughts on paper.

A group of RAPP XXV Wednesday working together to record their thoughts.

Half of RAPP XXV Wednesday talking about gender expectations.

A fun group picture after a long weekend - RAPP XXV Wednesday!

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