Friday, February 5, 2010

Two RAPPers up for "Best of Cincinnati" Award

Voting is going on now for the annual Best of Cincinnati awards in our local independent news weekly, CityBeat. You can go HERE to vote on a wide variety of "bests" in our City.

Up for the Best Local Activist award are two members of RAPP XXIV! Congratulations to both of them on their nomination!

Nancy Paraskevopoulos is currently a Peer Leader with RAPP XXV. On top of a busy class schedule she also has been a leader in the Campus Antiwar Network - last year part of the team who organized UC hosting last year's national CAN conference and this year organizing the UC group going to the conference at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She's also currently organizing a book drive for Dheishe Refugee Camp in Bethlehem, organizing get-togethers between Zionist and Palestinian-solidarity students to encourage healthy discussions, writing a zine about her work in Israel and Palestine as a fundraiser for the Interfaith Peace-Builders, and working to bring Evan Greer to UC to teach us how to bring together various student groups in coalitions.

Blake Jelley is a leader in UC Alliance and IMPACT Cincinnati. Blake has also traveled around the US working on marriage equality, starting with involvement in Prop 8 protests in Cincinnati, travelling to speak at a state-wide rally in Columbus last winter, and travelling to protest in DC and work on campaigns in Maine and New Jersey. He also helped organize the recent UC Flash Mob that received national attention.

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