Friday, February 19, 2010

Slowly Moving Closer to a Reunion

Ever since coming into my position as Program Coordinator, one of my goals has been to organize a RAPP Reunion.
I've been working to make slow progress toward that as we approach our 25th year - a great year for a reunion, no?
Two milestones in the progress have come:
1. Our RAPP Reunion Committee has come together - our first meeting is this coming Tuesday! There's still time to get involved in this if you're interested.
2. Our database of names keeps growing! When I came into this position, I had no record available of who has been in RAPP and found there were no records kept elsewhere in the University. It's a been a slow process rebuilding this list - lots of Facebook, sitting down with RAPPers and asking them to remember names, and digging through what limited historical records we do have.
Today I made an exciting realization: We're at just over 250 names! I estimate that somewhere between 600-700 people have complete RAPP - we're approaching the halfway point in knowing who these amazing people are.

Want to help with this? Please call or email me with any names you have that you don't find on our "RAPP History" website.

In the meantime, keep your eyes out (here and on Facebook) for information about upcoming get-togethers. While we're not due for an official 25th Year Reunion until 2011, it seems the energy is there for another kind of reuniting get-together.

(pic-screenshot from today's database update)

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