Thursday, February 4, 2010

Winter Retreats This Weekend!

It's another exciting weekend in RAPP world! Winter retreats are this Friday through Sunday - our Tuesday nights group will be at Grailville Friday-Saturday and our Wednesday nights group will be there Saturday-Sunday.

This retreat's theme is exploring issues of sex and gender. The facilitation team has had a great time the last few weeks getting our sessions ready and are excited to see what our group members learn from each other this time around.

I enjoy winter retreats at our "home base" of Grailville because the cold outside keeps us in the warm inside - talking and getting to know each other on deeper levels. Our sessions will hit a variety of ideas related to sex, gender, sexism, and cissexism. I know that even more interesting, in many ways, will be the ideas that come up during "free time" discussions.

Can't wait!

(pic-RAPP XXIV Wednesday at their winter retreat)

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